May 2017

The day before our car broke down in southern France, we witnessed a flock of wild flamingoes that frequents the Camargue region. What an unreal and strange gangly creature. It is like no other. Therefore, it deserves an adjective.

Written, filmed and recorded in 1 day using an iphone and a ZOOM mobile recorder.Music and Photography by Dominik Baer. Background Vocals: Anna Baer


Songsnack#2 Rolling On feat. Lisa Asmara

dominikbaer.com presents


song and video by lisa asmara  from saltytales.net
recorded in Lisa and Henrik's van April 2017

On a coastal parking lot just north of Bilbao. We connected almost immediately. A short while later we sat over a bottle of wine, swapping stories of the road. Henrik and Lisa are adventurers who spend their time exploring, teaching others yoga and surfing, making music and supporting sustainable projects wherever their cozy blue mercedes van rolls them to. Thanks for sharing your music and stories with us!