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Pixels and Molecules (2012)

Produced in Heidelberg Germany, 2012. Coverart by Karli Ingersoll.

Produced in Heidelberg Germany, 2012. Coverart by Karli Ingersoll.


English Side


Bend Time Back

Jump Off

Pixels and Molecules

Pearly Gates

Broken Crutches 


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Nie Verlassen




Bonus Tracks

Lazy Bones

Pnom Penh

No Money


Sit your ass down on the floor

you're not going anywhere, I'm locking all the doors 

'cause I've been missing all your jokes / we'll stay up all night telling funny anecdotes 

these are the days we won't forget


Oh, my dearest friends - if I could bend time back, I'd love to live with you again

but you know - time is a tape, you cannot pause or rewind, you can only press play 

but you made a sound that still goes round in my head - I won't forget 


Remember our motorbikes and how we used to speed by Chiang Mai city lights

we used to turn our engines off when we came home, so that your parents wouldn't notice we'd been out too long

these are the days we won't forget


And on that weekend we were gone, someone had left the upstairs bathroom's faucet on 

the stairs turned to a waterfall and soaked your schoolbooks, they were wet until the fall

these are the days we won't forget


Standing at another signpost without a clue, lost my direction - I don’t know where to

take a left, take a right - my head is spinning, lost my sight - I might just turn around

open heart in open hands, open ears I’m trying but I don’t hear a sound

I want your heart now. I need your eyes now. give me your mouth now


I’m living a life defined by jumping off every cliff

trusting the wind to grab hold and place me back on the ridge

every new leap refines and lets me know that I am just a lump of clay in your hands

I am being molded


Have I stepped just a little bit too far again, come too close to the edge of the slope?

over and over, time and again I’m slipping, falling, tripping

give me your hiking boots so I can stand my ground when things get muddy

I want your heart now. I need your eyes now. give me your mouth now 


You’ve got to get your feet wet before the sea can part

your daddy won’t catch you if you don’t run and jump


I've got nothing against music through a wire to the ear till the day we forget the sound

of the falling raindrops as they hit the ground or the rustle of the wind in the leaves

tell me when was the time we all became so keen, to move our muscles ontop of muscle-making machines

and stare out at the world through a wall of glass, have the sun in the sky stare back at our lamp-tanned asses


Put pixels and molecules in a mix

perception becoming a digital trick


We don't need expiry dates since the last time food expired, was the twenty-ninth of February of 2009

chemicals and packaging do so much to enhance, you'll never see a moldy fruit 'cause they all come in airtight bags

„Should we be worried?“ you ask - no, you should be glad - no more tedious days to be had  

just sit back, relax and observe: the future is now and there seems to be no space to swerve


I've got nothing against music through a wire to the ear unless you're forgetting the sound

of the falling raindrops as they hit the ground - maybe then you should turn it dow


If humans could decide who goes to heaven and who to hell

there would be a website you can log on to and tell

how good or bad your friends have been and rate them on a scale from one to ten

and all you need would be an average of 6.7

to print your own tickets for a front-row seat in heaven

When St. Peter stops you at the pearly gates

you can say "hey man let me in - I got a 6.8!“


The pearly gates – will they be swayed by the praise of man

if you show up with your resume?


There must be someone greater who knows what we don't see

'cause your high opinion of me is worth less than a bag of beans

like shiny fruit, your words are of the finest brand

but it's all a spoof, 'cause in my stomach they turn to sand

If finally I make it to the golden streets

PHD's will lose their charm to bare feet


We gave all of our time to building up facades

but that became our downfall, when  they all fell down at last

we spent all of our lives painting our masks

but that was our demise, when the colors faded fast


Maybe all your

crutches have been broken

and your cords have all been cut off

but you're still

hanging on


Maybe you are

dangling like a chandelier

only held by

one last thin thread but you're still

hanging on


Or maybe

it's hanging on to you


it holds you


Zwischen den Dünen springen die Türme hervor

groß und gerade, geschmeidig und stilvoll

verzweifelt stochern sie im Himmel herum

sie suchen die Wolken, sie suchen den Durchbruch


Wann kommt endlich der Regen

den gab es schon lange nicht mehr

die Köpfe haben alle Fieber

der Himmel, er gibt nichts her


Zwischen den Türmen springen die Menschen hervor

große und kleine, geschmeidig und stilvoll

verzweifelt richten sie die Augen empor

sie suchen die Wolken sie brauchen den Durchbruch


Gold und Silber und alles was glänzt

die höchsten Türme, die teuersten Hotels

gekünstelte Hallen aus edlem Gestein

was nützt uns das alles, in dieser Trockenheit?


Viel lieber nicht mehr durstig sein

Wann kommt endlich der Regen?


 Du bist nicht verlassen - auch wenn du es grad nicht spürst

du bist nicht verlassen - egal wohin dein Weg führt

verlassen wirst du niemals, du bist niemals allein

du wirst niemals alleine sein


Und wanderst du durchs Tal

so bin ich dennoch da

und wenn die Leute um dir flieh'n

dann kannst du mit mir rechnen

du brauchst niemals allein weiterzieh'n


Wie mit Wasser in den Sand

so verschwendest du dich an mir

ziehst mich tot ans feste Land

und belebst mich wieder

du belebst mich wieder


Auch das ist mir ein Rätsel

plötzlich ist er nicht mehr da

nur das Gerüst aus Knochen und Haut

liegt jetzt reglos in dem Sarg


Er lässt uns zurück im Staub und er

kehrt in den Staub zurück

auch das ist mir ein Rätsel

auch das begreif' ich nicht


So wurde es gesagt

er hätt' es nicht verdient

dann hab ich mich gefragt:

was hab ich verdient?


Meine Geburt im Industriestaat

mein gesundes Elternhaus

dass mich Abends der Hunger nie plagt

dass ich besitze was ich brauch

meine Arbeit meine Bildung

meine Wohnung meine Frau

dass ich nie in den Stiefeln der Soldaten stand

dass ich glauben darf und glauben kann

hab ich das verdient? 


 An einem Abend wie an vielen davor

floss aus dir Weisheit und es öffneten sich meine Ohren

mein Sohn hör mir gut zu –

Beziehungen, um sie geht es nur


Der Wind wird alles verwehen

alles wird zerfallen

so sag schön „auf Wiedersehen”

nur was auf Felsen gebaut

bleibt besteh'n


Die Blumen haben Kleider und die Spatzen ihren Fraß

doch du sammelst dir Schätze vergänglich wie das Gras

mein Sohn du tust mir manchmal Leid

ich würd' gern mit dir reden, doch du nimmst dir selten die Zeit


Himmel und Erde, sie werden vergeh'n

nur meine Worte, nur meine Worte


Wir haben es geschafft

der Wildnis einen Zaum anzulegen

und nun liegt sie schlapp

gefesselt, geknebelt, ergeben


Wie haben wir uns das denn gedacht

wir sägen an dem eigenen Ast


Wir müssen umkehr'n

wir können nicht Boden und Business gleichzeitig ehr'n  

es kommt noch so weit

dass uns die Bäume anschrei'n

weil sie vor lauter Beton keine Luft mehr bekommen


Die Kinder gepackt

von Bildschirmen hypnotisiert

vergessen wie man

im Wald und auf Feldern ausgelassen spioniert


Wie haben wir uns das denn gedacht 

wir sägen an dem eigenen Ast


Wake up lazy bones, it's almost time to go

it's early and its dark, but its a brand new start

the bus is driving up and it's a grand bother –

you've got to go


I'll wake up with you roast some coffee and some toast  

we'll munch away and pray to begin our day

I hope to be with you till I'm a grand/fa/mo/ther – thought you should know


Like a holiday at sea

feel the ocean surf caressing our feet

hear the waves taste the breeze

our worries are doing

a strip-tease


I like your honesty, it helps us keep this real

kisses on rosy cheeks – sharing the truth we feel

I want to go through life with you my true lover –

this is my hope


As we checked into our room

we sprawled out on the beds and made our home

and in the late afternoon

we strolled into the city and explored


Pnom Penh

with its many motorbikes and

malfunctioning traffic lights

Pnom Penh

it all turns out different in the end


And we observed the evidence of

brothers killing others just because they're different

and we wondered, what would we have done if

we'd lived thirty years ago and our parents were cambodian?


Pnom Penh

a thousand tragic faces and 

the traces of the blood spilled in

Pnom Penh

no one knows what's coming round the bend


Round the bend

no one really knows what’s coming round the bend

but in the end

I pray there would be justice and truth for us all


and in Pnom Penh

may all the hurting people

live in peace again


We've got no money

but we've got each other

to keep us warm


And if the landlady comes around and frowns

we're gonna give her everything we've got

and if she turns off all our lights because we don't have the dough

We'll build a fire in the living room and roast marshmallows


And if the taxman comes around and frowns

we're gonna give him everything we've got

and if he throws us in jail because we can't pay up

we'll take a double-bed cell with a view and a hot tub