ON OUR OWN - Dominik Baer

After releasing his captivating debut album “Pixels And Molecules” in 2012, Dominik now follows up with a new concept: a so-called CINEMATIC EP. The ON OUR OWN EP is comprised of 4 songs and 4 matching videos, all filmed on a single day as live-sessions played with his 6-piece band at different locations throughout Heidelberg, Germany. His wonderful new EP is due to be released on the 25th of September 2015.

more about the EP here

Dominik Baer - Jump The Plane / Cinematic EP Part 2

Part two of our cinematic project. I absolutely love how this one turned out. Probably my favorite of the lot. I Love the way the vintage footage works with this song...

Dominik Baer - Millstone / Cinematic EP Part 3

Here is the third of four videos from my Cinematic EP. This one shot in a split-screen style. We're very proud of this one. By the way, all songs were played live during video recording.

Dominik Baer - What I Saw in the Sky / Cinematic EP Part 4
Dominik Baer - Soul at Sea
Dominik Baer - Bend Time Back

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