@SofarSounds in Madrid

On our trip through Spain, we stopped in Madrid for a few days to check out the sights and of course ---- play a gig!  

"Bringing the magic back to live music" is how Sofarsounds describe their mission... a community of music-lovers who have made it their goal to organise secret,  acoustic shows in exclusive venues all over the world (currently in 345 cities).  We were lucky enough to play one of these great shows in a packed down-town Madrid living room.

We hauled all of our equipment and our baby on the Madrid Metro. (note to self: don't do that again!) We got there, a half-dozen creative twenty-somethings swarming the apartment, setting it all up with a wide range of audio and video equipment. People were excited to have us there.  Sofar pays artists by making them these videos, which is a pretty fun win/win. It was my third sofar gig so far (pun intended), after playing in Frankfurt and Valencia in the past. They keep getting better.

The Sofar format always includes two or three artists, that play just 4-5 songs each. This keeps interest high and is something I personally appreciate in these shows. There's just nothing quite like kicking back with a beer and listening to your fellow troubadours give their best in a packed house, either before or after you yourself hit the stage. 

About 50 people crammed onto couches, the floor and the outside hallway. These shows are extremely popular in Spain, with Almu, one of Sofar's many Madrid volunteers telling me she regularly receives 2000-3000 requests to attend shows designed for only 30-50 audience members. The living room was as hot as the Kalahre. Still people sat - and listened - for over an hour -  loving us for our music.

First, a somewhat traditional Folklore act with a beautiful Brazilian singer who was just moving her voice as if it was made of rubber... Then a twangy Tennessee Folk singer, sporting a lumberjack beard and his Taylor guitar. Finally, it was our turn to play and we entered the room playing our Banjo song "Millstone".  The Madrid show was also the 2nd time we had our son Vigo on stage - you can catch a glimpse in the video. He rocked it.

Thanks sofar team in Madrid, for such a great night!!!




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