Right after we bought BIG

Right after we bought BIG

Let me introduce you to our camper van,  "BIG" (aka "Bigfoot" aka "The Big Unknown").

We finally found a car that we think will work for us and it is making us very excited for the upcoming summer! As you can imagine, this was not so easy, as a lot of specific things had to line up. It had to

  • work as a camper van and as a band vehicle
  • have at least 4 seats for band members:)
  • have LOTS of loading room for instruments
  • have a bed 
  • have a kitchen
  • be customizable so that we can feel at home
  • and of course be within our (humble) budget!

We found this one about an hours drive away and bought it off a very hippie family :). Here's a few pictures from our first visit...

Even before the test drive, the owner told us the car has a relatively major engine issue which would need to be dealt with. But the price was well below what we had planned for a camper van and so after thinking it through (for a few hours) we decided: Life is too short. Lets do this.


So we took it to the workshop first thing, to get the engine worked on. The first mechanic took said it was a special issue that only a specific workshop in Mannheim (the neighboring town) had the resources to deal with. So we took it to the next mechanic....

Enter two weeks of near agony which consisted of near daily calls with the car mechanic, letting us know there was yet another repair to be made. By the end the bill far exceeded what we had hoped, causing for much doubt in the decision on my side and much reassurance from Anna: "It will work out."


Now you are probably thinking: "This van of looks and sounds like a piece of sh***. Do they know that?". Well thanks - Now we do.  

But we are artists. And as everybody knows, artists LOVE living on the risky side of life. We enjoy rising to an unnecessary challenge, we painstakingly plot out the most emotionally and financially unstable path for our lives and follow it with complete and utter devotion...

So yesterday, we finally got it back from the shop and started pulling it apart. Our plan is to redo the inside, insulate and beautify. Oma (Grandmother) even came over to help. It's going to be great!

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