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Dominik Baer
Indie-Pop Adventurer

Dominik BAER


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Music, Film, Fine Art: Dominik Baer’s release show at Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg will showcase all three aspects of his new album “Colliding In The Dark”. Much more than a mere concert, join Dominik and his band for an evening of live music, stories, as well as an art exhibition featuring all 12 album artwork paintings by his wife Olive Green Anna In addition, Dominik will be showing all 12 music videos he produced this year, three of which will be premiering on the night!!!

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My Story

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Dominik Baer is an adventurer: from head to toe. Growing up in countries like Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Germany and Thailand, one is destined to experience a rich bouquet of adventures. Like narrowly escaping death on the famous Indus river as your self-built raft encounters a rushing waterfall. Or meeting the love of your life after surviving a terrorist attack. Some of many stories Dominik mentions nonchalantly in passing - just the regular chit-chat.

Unlike his extensive array of cultural experiences, Dominik Baer’s musical education was far from extensive - spotty at best. Rolling Stones? - “Who’s that?” Sex-Pistols? “sounds crazy!?” His conservative religious upbringing in such remote locations as Afghanistan put a gaping hole where Dominik’s knowledge of pop-culture would have been. “I listened mostly to church music.”Sometimes ignorance opens new creative avenues, and so Dominik just started making. Forming a 6-piece band, he recorded his debut-album “Pixels & Molecules” in 2012. During the making of the Cinematic EP “On our Own” in 2015, Dominik discovered his love for the medium of film.

Now Dominik  is on to the next big chapter of his story: becoming a full-time songwriter and musician. Together with his wife Anna and baby Vigo, he is exploring Europe in their self-built van. On the road, he begins producing songs for his new visual album “Colliding in the Dark”.


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